Monday, 12 August 2019

Eternia Scenery - Evil Spirits Well

Today's update adds another piece of Scenery to the Eternian landscape in the form of a magical Well of Evil Spirits. It is said he who harnesses the power of the evil spirits within the well can conquer Eternia itself... if he's willing to pay the price. For you see, many of the souls trapped within once belonged to those who thought they could master its powers and failed...

At last, my imbecile lackey, with the power that lies within this Well, Greyskull will fall into my hands.
There is no Well of Evil Spirits in MOTU lore, at leas tnot that I know of, but I think the model fits right in. It is a single part of a plastic Games Workshop terrain kit that I picked up from a bits seller on ebay a few years ago, thinking it would work great as a standalone piece. When I started this MOTU project, I figured it would look great for Eternia. I tried to paint it in a way that would be reminiscent of the colours you would encounter in Eternian rocks and ruins in the Filmation cartoon. I think it works rather well.

A bird's eye view of the well and the spirits trapped within.

An action scene, with evil overlords battling for controle of the Well.

You are too late, Hordak, the power of the Well is mine!