Saturday, 14 November 2020

Evil Warriors - Scareglow, evil ghost of Skeletor

Scareglow is a skeletal ghost warrior who serves Skeletor. He seems to have a solid but translucent body with his bones emitting a strong glow in the dark, which can intimidate even the bravest opponents. He wears a long purple cape and carries a halberd. 

The model is slightly re-imagined to show a Scareglow as he might have looked in the Filmation style, which matches the bulk of my collection. 

Now this looks ominous...

One of the things that made the original Scareglow model stand out, besides looking badass, is that his body was made from glow in the dark plastic. While such a feature has no practical use for a miniatures collection, it still needed to be attempted. I purchased my first glow in the dark paints and used them on his body and halberd. It was interesting to discover the glow in the dark paint is transparant and goes over a regular paintjob. It only really works on a clear base colour, so I had to abandon my plans for glowing red eyes (as I wanted them to look red in normal light too). It worked okay on the light green halberd. The reason the glow looks a bit uneven in places is because the model is shaded and highlighted and the glow is less strong on the shaded parts. Still, as a gimmick done for fun, the result is satisfactory.

Skeletor summoned Scareglow from across space and time...

Careful, he looks dangerous...

I don't know where you came from, but you will find Eternia is no easy conquest!

Sunday, 9 August 2020

Great Rebellion - Bright Moon Guards with Laserguns

 My second set of Bright Moon guards, this time armed with some firepower. I strongly considered painting these in the same blue uniform as the earlier ones, but my compulsion to stick to canon representation won out and I painted them in the orange and red uniform from the She-Ra cartoon, despite my misgivings about yet another troop type sporting mostly orange clothes. The orange and red doesn't offer much contrast with the skintone either, contrary to the light blue, so I did end up regretting my decision.

The two divisions of the Bright Moon guard, side by side:

Taking on some Horde Troopers

Saturday, 8 August 2020

Heroic Warriors - Moss-Man

Moss-Man is a man, made of moss. He lives in the Evergreen Forest in harmony among the animals and plants. His power is to camouflage into foliage and other green areas, as well as control all plant life. He's not exactly a favourite, but kind of has to be there. 

The model is made by Quest Miniatures and was one of the first models that wasn't done by Boris Woloszyn. While not bad per se, the model turned out a bit small and lacking much detail. In the Filmation cartoon, Moss-Man was rather bulky, so I decided to experiment a bit with it and try to add some bulk by emulating the main feature of the toy figure: flock. It's not quite the result I was going for, and I wouldn't have done this if the figure had held a bit more interest, but he'll do. I think. Whatever, it's a walking moss patch.

Hanging out with his pal He-Man.

About to unleash nature's fury on some of Skeletor's goons

Friday, 7 August 2020

Heroic Warriors - The Sorceress

The Sorceress, mystical guardian of the secrets of Castle Grayskull and one of my favourite character designs coming out of the Filmation cartoon. With a vast knowledge of magic and history, she is among the wisest beings on Eternia. He-Man often seeks her counsel. The Sorceress demonstrates saintly qualities such as humility and often appears to other characters who are in need of guidance. While powerful in her own rights, her powers are tied to Castle Grayskull and weaken when she leaves its walls. When she does need to travel, though, she generally assumes the form of the falcon  Zoar. Her real name is Teela-Na and she is secretly the mother of Teela.

The model is another Quest Miniature and one of the last of that range to have been sculpted by Boris Woloszyn. The base is my usual flagstone sculpting over a blank lipped base.
Keeping watch on top of the walls of Grayskull

With her evil Anti-Eternia counterpart

With her minicomic counterpart (left) and secret daughter (right)

Protecting Grayskull from the forces of evil

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Overlord Forces - Neptul

One of the coolest villains to come out of the Blackstar cartoon, and one of the few toy characters that made it into the cartoon, is, in my opinion, Neptul. Aside from having has his own host of merfolk to command, he looks like the offspring of Cthulhu and Merman. I just knew I had to add him to the lineup. I figure in the expanded universe, he could be a sort of right hand man to Merman, adding his people to the different underwater tribes at Merman's beck and call. 

Neptul and his warriors, as they appeared in the cartoon

Did I mention I hate panting orange? I really do and so many of these characters and troops seem to have it. I tried a different approach on this one and I sort of like how it came out. Still. Orange. 

Overlord and Neptul together. Looks a bit like they're singing a duet. 

Neptul facing Blackstar

Well met He-Man. Merman sends his regards.

All the Blackstar figures for now...

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Great Rebellion - Bright Moon Guards with Staffweapon

While everyone remembers the orange and green Eternos Guard, Bright Moon Palace had its own elite guards, aptly named the Bright Moon Guard. Armed with sphere tipped energy weapons, they are ready to hold their own against the Evil Horde.

Having given a lot of thought to the representation of diversity in MotU off late, I decided to paint one of the guards in a darker skintone. This was my first try at the Foundry African flesh triad and while I initially had my reservations, the final result does look good. I did make a small mistake that I'll likely correct when I paint some reinforcements for them is that the rim underneath the sphere should be the colour of the staff. Oh well, it doesn't bother me too much (is what I tell myself).

The Bright Moon Guards as shown on the original She-Ra cartoon:

A couple of Bright Moon guards bravely try to hold off Hordak and his Horde Troopers until the heroes arrive:

Sunday, 26 July 2020

Evil Horde - Imp

Imp is Hordak's spy, spying on both Horde and Rebellion members, making him disliked by all. His abilities include flight and shape shifting. He can shape shift into numerous different forms, seemingly without limitations. Most times he will retain his natural blue colouring, but has shown on occasion that he can assume different colouring when in another form. In addition, he also seems to possess the ability to take on the characteristics of whatever form he takes, as illustrated when he transformed into a working flamethrower, nearly burning down the Whispering Woods, or when he transforms into a laser blaster and can fire laser bolts while in this shape.

The model is a great sculpt done by Fancagne Didier. My main issue with it being that it's so tiny, around 12mm, that it was becoming hard to paint. As such, it's not my best paintjob, but it looks good enough to the naked eye when it's not blown up like in these pictures.

The Imp and his master:

The painted members of the Horde so far:

A comparison between Imp and Orko, that other flying sidekick: