Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Evil Horde - Slime Monsters

Both the Filmation cartoon and the mini-comics featured Slime Monsters. While their affiliation could vary, I decided to give mine the colour for my Horde bases, on account that since Hordak has a Slime Pit, it made the most sense. The models are Otherworld Miniatures mud monsters, which were perfect for the part.

With Slime Monster He-Man:

Get back, you slimy freaks!

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Anti-Eternians - Anti-Battlecat

Now that He-Man received his trusty companion, we couldn't very well let Anti-He-Man be at a disadvantage when facing them. Like when Prince Adam calls on the power of Grayskull, Anti-He-Man draws from the power of Castle Hellskull to infuse himself and his pet with great power. Anti-Battlecat is every bit as strong as the regular Battlecat, but twice as vicious!

Anti He-Man and his Anti-Battlecat
The model is of course another Grenadier Miniatures Battlecat, with a blank lipped base from Fenris Games, to which I added the flagstone texture. I went back and forth a long time on the colours on this one. Most action figure customs for this creature use black armour and black body, with red stripes. I wanted a bit more contrast than that. Initially I planned to do red armour and light grey stripes, but the light grey on black didn't seem to offer enough contrast, so instead I went with red stipes and grey armour, but since I didn't want the light grey to dominate the model, I just used the shading colour and then washed it a couple times with thinned black, for a darker grey, leatherlike finish. Finally, I decided to paint the teeth red and the tongue grey, in keeping with the reversed colour palette these have going.

Battlecat's face off:

A side by side comparison of the two variant colour schemes:

Man-At-Arms is clever enough to keep a safe distance while battling these foes:

Monday, 16 July 2018

Heroic Warriors - Man-At-Arms on Sky-Sled

One of the Heroic Warriors' preferred means of transportation is the Sky-Sled, the detachable front half of the Battleram vehicle. The Evil Warriors had their own version of course, but more on that some other time. Seen here is Man-At-Arms flying one of the flyers in stylish Filmation colours.

The model is a conversion of one of the old 1980's Grenadier Battleram models. I cut off the front half and added some detail that was missing from the back. For the rider, I removed the tab from a Quest Miniatures Man-At-Arms figure and the pose was practically a perfect fit. Some minor bending of the ankles to adjust it and a spare plastic hand from the same Fireforge soldier box previous bits were sourced from made it complete.

Man-At-Arms, foot and flying. I tried to make the eyes a bit smaller on this second version, but that doesn't seem to have been an improvement.

Now, now, using that laser in your wrist to shoot from above is a bit unsporting, old chap.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Heroic Warriors - Gender-swapped He-Man

To the best of my knowledge, there has never been a gender-swapped He-Man in any of the MOTU canon. Still, there is no reason it could not have happened (temporarily) through the use of an ancient artefact or a magical spell. I'm sure there could have been an interesting moral in that story somewhere. So to make up my own fluff: while fighting over a mysterious artefact, Skeletor and He-Man inadvertently unleashed it's energies with unexpected results. Temporarily finding himself in female form, He-Man's ability to lead the good fight was in no way diminished.

She has the Power!
The model is Hasslefree Miniatures' Delphine, with some conversions. I added fur to her panties and boots and swapped the original sword for a spare powersword from a previous conversion, for a closer match to the male He-Man figure.

Male and female He-Man side by side:

They have the Power...?
A different take on the origin story perhaps, where Evil-Lyn enacts a spell of her own to turn He-Man into someone more... well... her own size:

* Sniff * * Sniff * - Yes, Battlecat, it's still me!

'll be honest, He-Man, I'm not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand I still find you attractive, but on the other hand, your breasts are bigger than mine...

Evil Horde - Slime Pit He-Man

Slime Pit He-Man (sometimes also referred to as Slime Monster He-Man) featured in one of the mini-comics that came with the toys. Hordak managed to trap He-Man in the slime pit, and had a toxic green slime poured over him that turned him into a mindless killing machine. Hordak then proceeded to send He-Man after Skeletor to eliminate his erstwhile apprentice. The mind controlled He-Man almost succeeded in this task, but with the telepathic help of the Sorceress, He-Man was able to shake off the effects of the slime right before delivering the killing blow.

The model is a converted Quest Miniatures He-Man, with the weapons removed and some slime sculpted over in places to suggest a thicker coat of it clinging to his body. The flagstone base was painted with a reddish tone this time, as that is the colour I reserved for the Evil Horde faction, and it adds some colour other than green to the figure.

Slime Pit He-Man about to crush Skeletor once and for all...
 A page from the mini-comic featuring the event:

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Heroic Warriors - Battlecat

Battlecat is one of the top tier characters that should be present in any MOTU collection. A huge armoured tiger, with a humanlike intelligence that can be ridden in battle by He-Man is no foe to trifle with. Like He-Man's alter ego Prince Adam, Battlecat is the empowered version of the Prince's tiger, Cringer. Once He-Man calls upon the power of Castle Grayskull, the cowardly Cringer is transformed into the fearless Battlecat.

This model is the 1980s Grenadier Miniatures sculpt and it holds up surprisingly well for it's age. There are a few minor rough spots, but those are more due to the casting techniques of the day than any flaws of the sculpt itself. The size is also spot on, and makes for a really imposing model. The base is a Fenris Games resin base, to which I've added the usual flagtile texture. These are the only bases I've found that are big enough to accommodate this mighty beast.

Supposedly at 25mm scale, the old Grenadier model is just about the right size for the newer 30mm sculpts:

He-Man and Battlecat

Easy now, big cat, we're not looking for any trouble.