Thursday, 31 December 2020

Heroic Warriors - Prince Adam

The lazy, cowardly and foppish Prince Adam seems a constant disappointment to his parents and his childhood friend Teela. Few people would suspect this persona is designed to hide the fact that he turns into Eternia's mightiest hero, He-Man, when he holds aloft his sword and mutters those powerful words... "By the power of Grayskull..."

Prince Adam is depicted here in the midst of raising his sword, about to utter the famous words that will turn him into He-Man. While the figure is an excellent sculpt, I seem to always struggle with Adam/He-Man's face, so I don't consider this one of my better paintjobs. Still, he'll work well enough for a character who's only supposed to remain on the table long enough to find some cover so he can transform into the real hero of the game.

Prince Adam flanked by some Eternos Guards for protection (or so they think)

Saturday, 19 December 2020

Snake Men - King Hiss on Tyrantisaurus Rex

 A fearsome ruler like King Hiss needs a fearsome mount. Tyrantisaurus Rex was his favoured mount in Preternia times, now transported to the age of Eternia to help him smite his foes He-Man and Skeletor. Tyrantisaurus Rex is a bionic version of a T-Rex, that carries King Hissinto battle against He-Man in the jungles of Preternia.

Tyrantisaurus Rex was brilliantly converted for me by John Pickford from a heroclix "Devil Dinosaur and Moonboy" model. King hiss was converted by myself from the foot version to fit on the dino's back. The base is a blank from Fenris Games, to which I added the flagstone with putty.

The inspiration below. Mine ended up a bit more purple perhaps, but I still like the result.

King Hiss facing off against Skeletor:
I... should have brought a bigger dragon...

It's just a big lizard, Battlecat, we've seen worse... I hope...

King Hiss, mounted and on foot

Saturday, 12 December 2020

Snake Men - King Hiss

King Hiss is the ruthless ruler of the Snake Men, once a race of interstellar conquerors long ago, in the Preternia age. Hiss and his Snake Men were eventually defeated by the combined magic powers of the planet's Elders, and imprisoned in the void, a limbo-like dimension. After millennia of imprisonment, King Hiss and a handful of his followers were freed by Skeletor, who desired to learn the secrets of the Snake Men. The two villains formed an alliance to conquer Eternia and destroy He-Man, but naturally both planned to betray each other at the opportune moment.

King Hiss hides his true nature under the appearance of a heroic human. Underneath lurks his true form, an upper body comprised of five intertwined serpents.

King Hiss, ruler of the Snake Men

While King Hiss never appeared in the Filmation cartoon, I nonetheless attempted to use bright colours to give him that general look and feel. Details on the shield seem a bit washed out in the pictures. The model is a limited release from a fanbased private commission and fits right in with the others, despite being from a different sculptor.

King Hiss after just being freed from his banishment by Skeletor as in the original minicomic

That man looks quite heroic, He-Man. Maybe he is a potential ally.

I'm not so sure about that, Orko...

The small group of Snake Men figures so far. I clearly need to invest more time in this faction.