Monday, 29 June 2020

Snake Men - Snake Man-At-Arms

Another one based on the 200x storyline and MotU Classics canon where Man-At-Arms got turned into a Snake Man. The model is converted from a Quest Miniatures Man-At-Arms and the face was resculpted to be more snakelike. I was none too happy with the conversion and it sat part finished on my desk for months before I forced myself to finish it alongside the similarly coloured Eternos guards. It's far from my best paint job, but it'll do as I needed to be done with it.

Snake Man-At-Arms

Snake Man-At-Arms and Snake Teela turn on the Eternos Guards:

The Snake Men faction so far. I need to get them some reinforcements:

Heroic Warriors - Eternos Palace Guards with Tridents

The capital of Eternia, the city of Eternos, is also the location of the Royal Palace, seat of the planetary government led by King Randor. The city has its own standing army in the form of the Eternos Guards. Sporting green skinsuits and orange armor, they are hardly inconspicuous, but then neither are the villains. Perhaps somewhat unusual, their formal weapon when performing their guard duties is the trident.

Eternos Guards

They may be no match for Skeletor's Evil Warriors, but they can certainly hold their own against his minions.

The Eternos Guard is lead by Teela, who holds the rank of Captain ...

... though her father Man-At-Arms also seems to hold some formal position within the guard, as his outfit can testify.

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Evil Warriors - Faker with Battle Axe and Shield

As I have done several variants of He-Man with different equipment and plan to do a few more, I could not let Faker get behind, especially as there are so many juicy variants of him in MotU lore. This also gave me the chance to do Faker's alternate toy inspired colour scheme, with the darker hair and orange chest harness and weapons.

The evil android, Faker, with his new toys

I decided to convert one using a spare axe, shield and sword sheath from a Quest Miniatures He-Man, to match the similar conversion I did earlier for He-Man. The Quest sword sheath was completed with a sword grip and hilt from a plastic Fireforge miniatures kit. Base is my usual sculpted texture over blank lipped bases. I'm struggling a lot with faces lately and this one was no different. In the end I had to settle for, that'll be good enough.

A side by side look here of my two versions of Faker. Note the difference in hair tone, as per the respective references. I still prefer the "pink" version, so will continue with that colour scheme going forward.

And another side by side with the matching He-Man figure. I consider this version of He-Man to be the earlier, mini-comic He-Man, which was later retconned to be Oo-Lar, an earlier incarnation of the strongest man of the universe, and my He-Man with powersword is the Prince Adam version.

I have crafted this new armour and weapons for you. Now go defeat He-Man already!

It's still me, kitty. I just got some new toys and armour from the boss.
You will not win this time, He-Man!
And a somewhat dark family shot with all the Faker and Copy-Cat variants so far:

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Evil Warriors - Faker on Copy-Cat

Now that I've done Faker and Copy-Cat, I naturally had to do a Faker on Copy-Cat, to match my He-Man on Battlecat conversion. To convert Faker into a riding position, I only cut off the left leg at the parting line with his loincloth, pinned it back in place in a more fitting position and filled the gap with putty. The Grenadier Battlecats are good for that sort of thing, due to the way the saddle is done. Another Fenris Games blank base, with added texture finishes the look.

Now I have a matching Faker mounted and on foot.

And with the matching He-Man:

A badly lighted final shot just to prove I did indeed paint a second Copy-Cat and it's not just the one from before.

Friday, 26 June 2020

Overlord Forces - Overlord

De facto ruler of the planet Sagar, descended of a long line of despots, Overlord is the main nemesis for our hero Blackstar. More akin to Hordak than Skeletor, he is fairly successful in his endeavours and more competent in keeping his underlings in check, resulting in his uncontested dominion of the planet. Uncontested, until John Blackstar entered the scene at least. Wielder of the Powersword, his goal is to take it's second half, the Starsword, from Blackstar to assemble it into the Powerstar and cement his position. While he came very close to achieving that goal, the final victory keeps eluding his grasp and Blackstar and his allies have started whittling away at his forces.

Overlord, the master of his domain.
The miniature is another privately commissioned limited release, with a custom base to match my other bases. I chose dark blue to be the colour for this faction, mainly as I was running out of good options.

Battling his bane, the former Earth astronaut John Blackstar:

Finding likeminded new allies;
Maybe we can help eachother, nyaaah!
You shouldn't have ventured here alone, He-Man. Meet my new ally.

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Evil Warriors - Faker with Powersword

While he has had different backgrounds in different media, the main consensus is that Faker is an evil robot built to impersonate He-Man and serve the forces of evil. Being blue skinned, depending on the medium this scheme either only works in the dark or Faker can temporarily assume He-Man's colours. Either way, he is an iconic character. As the majority of my collection is Filmation inspired, I chose to paint him here in the alternate "pink" colour scheme featured on his cardback art, which is also the version that was used in the Filmation style fanmade hommage "The Return of Faker" (sadly unreleased for viewing due to IP issues). I think this version adds more interest to the model and a welcome bit of contrast with Copy-Cat.

Faker, with his imitation Powersword

The model is another private commission done by a fan, that was available in limited quantities for a short while. The base is the usual blank lipped base with texture sculpted on and painted to match the rest of the Evil Warriors.

Some more "action" shots:

Rise, my puppet. I have created you in He-Man's image, therefore I shall name you "Faker", nyaaah!

I have created this pet for you, to aid you in your battle against that goody-two-shoes, He-Man.
"I have found you! Wait, you're not He-Man!" (in unison)
"At last, now we shall learn who is the stronger!" - "By the Goddess! What's this madness?"

Battlecat: "I hate to say this, He-Man, but we may be in some real trouble here..."
 He-Man and Faker, side by side:

And a shot of Faker and Copy-Cat for the family photo album:

For those not familiar with it, a look at the inspiring original cardback illustration and "The return of Faker. I did initially consider giving him blank white eyes, like the second image, but I wanted him to look more alive.

Thursday, 18 June 2020

Evil Warriors - Dragon Blaster Dragon

Dragon Blaster Skeletor was one of those figures that didn't appeal much to me as a kid, since it wasn't the original Skeletor figure, but later in life I came to appreciate it a lot more as a pretty cool toy. So I figured that if I didn't have a Dragon Blaster Skeletor in 30mm, I might be able to have the dragon itself with a little conversion work. The conversion work was mostly done more than a year ago, but somehow I never got around to ordering the chain I needed to finish it until about a week ago.

The Dragon Blaster Dragon, temporarily released from it's place on Skeletor's back
The base model is a neat little fantasy lizard figure made by the excellent Forge of Ice. Their lost worlds kind of range is very reminiscent of MotU in a lot of ways. I added the spikes on the top of its head, the collar with the keypad lock and the chain with a shackle on the other end for when Skeletor reclaims his pet. The base is a 20mm blank lipped base from Fenris Games, with added flagstone texture.

A better look at the added details, like the lock and chain.
I've released you from your bonds. Now, my pet, destroy the gate of Castle Grayskull with your hot flames!

You're too late to stop me He-Man! Your powers won't protect you from the searing hot flames of the Dragon Blaster!

For those not familiar with it, here's some awesome art by Axel Gimenez depicting the dragon!

Saturday, 13 June 2020

Evil Warriors - Copycat

He-Man has Battlecat and Skeletor has Panthor. It stands to reason that Faker, with his whole He-Man impersonation obsession would get his own mount. Copycat, sometimes referred to as Bogus Cat, is another fanmade creation, subject of a lot of custom action figures. A robotic duplicate of Battlecat, it sports Faker's colour scheme, so that no confusion is possible.

The fearless robot called Copycat...
The model is another of the old Grenadier Battlecat models, with a blank resin base from Fenris Games and texture added with putty.

I assume Copycat was created by Skeletor or Triclops, but as I haven't painted my Triclops yet...

Come forward, my glorious creation! Nyaaaah!
By the Sorceress' beak! What is this freakshow?
 And a quick side by side of my three interpretations of Battlecat: regular, copy and anti-Eternia.