Saturday, 19 December 2020

Snake Men - King Hiss on Tyrantisaurus Rex

 A fearsome ruler like King Hiss needs a fearsome mount. Tyrantisaurus Rex was his favoured mount in Preternia times, now transported to the age of Eternia to help him smite his foes He-Man and Skeletor. Tyrantisaurus Rex is a bionic version of a T-Rex, that carries King Hissinto battle against He-Man in the jungles of Preternia.

Tyrantisaurus Rex was brilliantly converted for me by John Pickford from a heroclix "Devil Dinosaur and Moonboy" model. King hiss was converted by myself from the foot version to fit on the dino's back. The base is a blank from Fenris Games, to which I added the flagstone with putty.

The inspiration below. Mine ended up a bit more purple perhaps, but I still like the result.

King Hiss facing off against Skeletor:
I... should have brought a bigger dragon...

It's just a big lizard, Battlecat, we've seen worse... I hope...

King Hiss, mounted and on foot


  1. It's perfect! I'll always like minis of people riding dinosaurs :D

  2. Replies
    1. The dino was converted by John Pickford as a bit above my skill to pull of in a satisfactory manner, but I did convert the rider to fit on the back.