Thursday, 8 March 2018

Eternia Accessories - Castle Grayskull Weapons Rack

Today's entry is not the most exciting one so far, but it is quite iconic in it's own right. The weapons rack came with Castle Grayskull and was rather faithfully reproduced in the 80's 25mm MOTU miniatures sets produced by Grenadier/Pinnacle Products. The sculpting on most of the miniatures is a bit dated, but the weapons rack works well enough and as the old figures were big for the time, the rack is suitably large to go with the more modern sculpts. I picked this to paint next because I hadn't much time and thought I could finish it quickly. It wasn't that quick.

He-Man posing next to the rack

Front and back

Quick my beastly minion, take all their weapons! 
Weapons rack in situ at Castle Grayskull


  1. Wow! Exceptional paint work on that WK. ;)

    1. Thanks. I think it's the weakest paintjob of the lot so far, but then it's a bit of a crude model and while I tried to paint some texture onto the wood, I went for a toy look with the weapons.