Friday, 31 May 2019

Anti-Eternians - Anti-Sorceress

The Sorceress is a force to reckon with and since there is a Castle Hellskull on Anti-Eternia, there has to be an Anti-Sorceress to guard it as well. Her fiery red eyes and black skin give her an unwordly type of beauty, while her red garb evokes hints of a hellish world indeed.

Anti-Eternia Sorceress spreading her wings
The model is another Quest Miniatures figure sculpted by Boris Woloszyn and in an unusual turn of events, I painted her as the Anti-Eternia Sorceress before I tackle the regular one (because, seriously, who wouldn't put off painting white?). The colour scheme is made up, starting from the Anti-Eternia palette. As the regular sorceress has orange wings and a white bodice, the needed contrast dictated the Anti-Eternia version should have a red bodice and grey wings (or black wings, but that would make her too monotone, you need three colours to have nice contrast). The rest followed from there. The base is my usual sculpted on flagstone, with red painted in the grooves between tiles to simulate the hellscape that is Anti-Eternia.

Oo-Larr (minicomic He-Man from a few generations before Adam) dukes it out with Anti-He-Man while their respecitve guides and mentors look on.

The Anti-Eternians, so far (not including the Man-At-Arms in Windraider).


  1. I still have no reference to the Anti-Eternia stuff as I never read the comics, but she looks great anyway. The larger amount of orange works really well.

    1. It's a concept from the German audioplays. It was really popular in Germany (for obvious reasons) and many customs were made from the vintage action figures. Then Mattel made an Anti-Eternia He-Man in the Classics toy range, which cemented it as MOTU canon. I initially started this faction as an easy way to get more characters when there were only a handful of MOTU miniatures to be found.