Thursday, 30 May 2019

Evil Warriors - Skelcon Footsoldiers

Introduced into MOTU continuity by the Ladybird books, the Skelcons are a race of horned demons who  worship the bones of their ancestors until a summoning spell, cast by Skeletor, brought them to Eternia. For obvious reasons, they view Skeletor as their god and serve as his soldiers, wearing skull masks and wielding weapons built from the bones of their dead.

Skelcon warriors

Ironically, I am both happy and unhappy with how they came out. I hesitated longly whether to paint their faces as bone mask, like the MOTUC toy, or in the same colour as their skin, like in the original Ladybird books. I went with the former for more contrast and I think it was a good call. I also wanted their skin tone to be different from Skeletor's, so went with a darker, greener blue. The resulting colourscheme looks great, I think, but ironically, now I sort of wish I did paint them in Skeletor's skintone, like the Ladybird version. The bases are my usual recipe of sculpted on flagstone texture, painted in purple as they are part of the Evil Warriors.

The diverging inspirations: MOTUC figures vs Ladybird book

Teela and Man-At-Arms are attacked by some Skelcons
Skeletor flanked by his new honour guard


  1. Nice work I think they look great.

    1. Thanks! Heads are a tad big perhaps, but they are still cracking minis and it works with the idea of them being masks and not their actual faces.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I've found that excitement about doing a particular figure or set of figures gives a boost to my painting skills