Saturday, 2 January 2021

Heroic Warriors - Baracus, Heroic Pitier of Fools

Baracus is a former Eternos Guard turned mercenary after getting falsely accused of a crime he didn't commit. With his record for insubordination and starting (and finishing) tavern brawls, he didn't stick around to try and prove his innocence. His heroic nature prevailed though and in time, he crossed path with the Heroic Warriors and joined them on more than one occasion. Baracus goes into battle with his battle armour, golden fist glove and Etherian lasergun. Being the flamboyant character that he is, it is often said he has more bling on him than even King Randor. Only a fool would say that to his face though, as most sensible people know he does not suffer fools lightly...

Baracus, the Heroic Pitier of Fools

I based the character on the Mr. T MotU & WWe crossover figure, with some changes to accomodate what I had at my disposal. I opted to include some influences from his A-Team alter ago, notably the golden chains and the gun. I also took his name from there, after considering other options like Pitior or Warrior T. The figure is a conversion using parts from a Jitsu (body), a Fisto (fist), a Brightmoon Guard (gun) and a head from a Hardcore Miniatures figure. I'm relatively happy with how he came out.

The inspiration for the figure

Twin Fists of Power!

I pity the fool who works for Skeletor!

I pity the fool who gives black people a bad name!

I pity the tin can that's about to feel the crunch of my fist!

I pity the fool who works for a pitance!

I pity the fool who goes up against He-Man!


  1. This is... AMAZING. I love it! The conversion worked so seamlessly, and he's just a great, fun character overall. I can see him fitting into any MOTU themed game just fine :)

    1. Thanks, I do enjoy looking at him. Of all the Masters of the WWE figures Mattel released, the Mr. T one is the best match IMO and the fact he's an 80's icon in his own right only makes it better.