Sunday, 10 January 2021

Cosmic Enforcers - Tekno, with Laser Arm

The Cosmic Enforcers are neutral characters, who are guardians tasked with maintaining balance in the Universe. They participate little in conflict but can aid either the heroic or evil sides in their hour of need. The most famous of their kind is Zodac/Zodak, but there are others that exist in canon and beyond. Tekno is one such Enforcer. Equipped with an interchangeable mechanical arm, like Trapjaw, Tekno appears to be a cyborg.

The model is a conversion, based on a privately commissioned model with the addition of a Quest Miniatures Trapjaw arm. For the base colour, grey was chosen to reflect the neutral stance of this faction.

Tekno is a bit of an unusual character in that, although adopted by many fans as another Cosmic Enforcer, he wasn't a real MotU character. In the early 2000s, Argentina toy company Tops Toys released a range of action figures using the vintage MotU moulds, combining and recolouring parts to create all new characters under the Fuerza-T label. Tekno, was one such characters, combining parts from, among others, Zodak, Trapjaw, Man-E-Faces and standard furred boots, with the addition of a smooth version of the furry trunks.

Packaging of the action figure and fantastic fan art by Mike Bock:

You do not belong here, Anti-He-Man!

The balance must be preserved! Turn back or perish, minions of Skeletor!



  1. These look great! I did not know any of the history behind the character, it's great to have another faction for gaming.

    1. Now considering whether to go completely off canon and create a type of grunt level cosmic enforcer footsoldiers.