Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Cosmic Enforcers - Tekno, with Claw Arm

The Cosmic Enforcer Tekno is a cyborg, having different types of mechanical arms at his disposal, much like the fiend Trap Jaw. Here, he is shown with his Claw Arm.

Claw against claw!

Your swords are no match for my steel claw!

With Tekno having no fixed background in MotU canon, I'm still undecided whether to make him a full-fledged character or to use him as an armybuilder type grunt, to give some low level warriors to this faction, like with the Eternos guards and Skeletor's various cannon fodder. There is a certain simplicity to the Tekno uniform when compared to other Cosmic Enforcers like Zodac or Strobo.
Both my versions of Tekno so far


  1. Love it, I could see making a common soldier type of the Cosmic Enforcers.

    1. There is a vintage style action figure range done by lea toys, called Cosmic Guardians that has some great inspiration for that.