Thursday, 22 February 2018

Eternia Scenery - Castle Grayskull

A few years ago, Icon Heroes brought out a polystone statue of Castle Grayskull that seemed to be in a scale that's close enough to work with 28mm figures. It cannot quite be considered a scale model as scalewise it's all over the place, with doorways going from very big to very small, so it's very much a stylised represantion, but it works well nonetheless. The original castle was released as a single piece model. Not long after, Icon Heroes expanded the set with an accessory set that increased the footprint of the castle by adding the ramp and putting it on a bony/rocky platform. The accessory set also includes Point Dread, the Flying Talon Fighter, a Heroic flag and the laser weapon. The top of Point Dread can be removed from it's base to sit on one of the castle towers, just like the old toy and the minicomics.

While I initially intended to use this with the 25/28mmGrenadier range of figures, it will work well enough with the newer, slightly larger 30mm ones as well. Short of converting your own incorporating bits of the toy castle, this is your best option.

A scale shot with the Quest Miniatures He-Man, showing the separate Point Dread and the configuration where it's mounted on the castle. As can be seen, the towers are the weakest point regarding figure placement as the tops are quite shallow. The Talon Fighter is in itself a useful addition as it works well enough with the scale of the figures.

He-Man doing some more posing on the rooftop. There is enough room there to place some figures:

The other sides of the model:

He-Man waving you off (or kicking you out...):



  1. It's a lovely piece of terrain, beautifully painted and allows you to represent Castle Grayskull on the tabletop without things getting silly. I'm very jealous, but also somewhat relieved it's OOP as I'd be sorely tempted to buy one.

    1. For a factory paintjob, it does the job well. I know that kind of temptation, though generally, if something is OOP that only means I want it more, not less. :p