Saturday, 24 February 2018

Eternia Scenery - Snake Mountain

Shortly after their Castle Grayskull, Icon Heroes went one better and released the whole of Snake Mountain as a polystone statue. Like the castle, this massive piece of scenery works well enough with 28-30mm figures and sports a glorious paintjob to boot.

30mm Skeletor in the center for scale:

The sides and back (tiny 30mm Skeletor for scale):

Bird's eye view:

 Some detail shots:

And a size comparison of the full Castle Grayskull set with Snake Mountain and the tiny He-Man and Skeletor figures:


  1. Those are awesome!!! Do you have any game table pics with them?

  2. Not yet, I still need to build a board to go with them. My MOTU character guide and world compendium book does suggest there is a crystalline barrier that separates the free lands from Skeletor's corrupted territory, so it might be an interesting feature to try and build into the middle of the table.