Saturday, 25 August 2018

Anti-Eternians - Anti-Man-At-Arms in Windraider

One of the elements in the original Anti-Eternia audioplay is that Anti-Man-At-Arms comes flying in in a windraider. Now I had converted a Quest Miniatures Man-At-Arms to fit into the old Grenadier windraider, but I didn't feel like doing yet another flying Man-At-Arms so soon after the skysled version. So in an unexpected turn of event, I ended up painting an Anti-Eternia windraider before doing a regular one. The Grenadier model is based on the toy version, so it's a one-person aircraft, unlike the Filmation cartoon 4-seater. All in all, the Quest Miniatures models work well enough with the much older model. I cut off about 3/4 of the legs for this one. There is no official colour design for the Anti-Eternia windraider, so I went with what seemed to make sense to carry on the theme.

Anti-Eternia Windraider

With the foot version of the same character

He-Man tries to use his shield to deflect Anti-Man-At-Arms' laserbeam

Death from above! Castle Grayskull under attack. Man-At-Arms takes to the skies in his skysled.

Men-At-Arms's battling in  the sky!

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