Saturday, 27 June 2020

Evil Warriors - Faker on Copy-Cat

Now that I've done Faker and Copy-Cat, I naturally had to do a Faker on Copy-Cat, to match my He-Man on Battlecat conversion. To convert Faker into a riding position, I only cut off the left leg at the parting line with his loincloth, pinned it back in place in a more fitting position and filled the gap with putty. The Grenadier Battlecats are good for that sort of thing, due to the way the saddle is done. Another Fenris Games blank base, with added texture finishes the look.

Now I have a matching Faker mounted and on foot.

And with the matching He-Man:

A badly lighted final shot just to prove I did indeed paint a second Copy-Cat and it's not just the one from before.

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