Monday, 29 June 2020

Snake Men - Snake Man-At-Arms

Another one based on the 200x storyline and MotU Classics canon where Man-At-Arms got turned into a Snake Man. The model is converted from a Quest Miniatures Man-At-Arms and the face was resculpted to be more snakelike. I was none too happy with the conversion and it sat part finished on my desk for months before I forced myself to finish it alongside the similarly coloured Eternos guards. It's far from my best paint job, but it'll do as I needed to be done with it.

Snake Man-At-Arms

Snake Man-At-Arms and Snake Teela turn on the Eternos Guards:

The Snake Men faction so far. I need to get them some reinforcements:


  1. Hey... these are pretty neat! I've painted both those figures "straight" and they're a lot of fun. But snake-ifying them? That's wild.

  2. Thanks! I've done the regular versions too, as well as Anti-Eternia versions of both. The Snake Teela came about as an attempt to salvage the paintjob after I botched the skin on her.