Monday, 29 June 2020

Heroic Warriors - Eternos Palace Guards with Tridents

The capital of Eternia, the city of Eternos, is also the location of the Royal Palace, seat of the planetary government led by King Randor. The city has its own standing army in the form of the Eternos Guards. Sporting green skinsuits and orange armor, they are hardly inconspicuous, but then neither are the villains. Perhaps somewhat unusual, their formal weapon when performing their guard duties is the trident.

Eternos Guards

They may be no match for Skeletor's Evil Warriors, but they can certainly hold their own against his minions.

The Eternos Guard is lead by Teela, who holds the rank of Captain ...

... though her father Man-At-Arms also seems to hold some formal position within the guard, as his outfit can testify.


  1. Every trident is "ceremonial" until somebody's waving it in *your* direction. Nice work on these guys!

    1. True, one trust, three holes. Not a weapon to make fun of.