Saturday, 13 June 2020

Evil Warriors - Copycat

He-Man has Battlecat and Skeletor has Panthor. It stands to reason that Faker, with his whole He-Man impersonation obsession would get his own mount. Copycat, sometimes referred to as Bogus Cat, is another fanmade creation, subject of a lot of custom action figures. A robotic duplicate of Battlecat, it sports Faker's colour scheme, so that no confusion is possible.

The fearless robot called Copycat...
The model is another of the old Grenadier Battlecat models, with a blank resin base from Fenris Games and texture added with putty.

I assume Copycat was created by Skeletor or Triclops, but as I haven't painted my Triclops yet...

Come forward, my glorious creation! Nyaaaah!
By the Sorceress' beak! What is this freakshow?
 And a quick side by side of my three interpretations of Battlecat: regular, copy and anti-Eternia.

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