Sunday, 21 June 2020

Evil Warriors - Faker with Powersword

While he has had different backgrounds in different media, the main consensus is that Faker is an evil robot built to impersonate He-Man and serve the forces of evil. Being blue skinned, depending on the medium this scheme either only works in the dark or Faker can temporarily assume He-Man's colours. Either way, he is an iconic character. As the majority of my collection is Filmation inspired, I chose to paint him here in the alternate "pink" colour scheme featured on his cardback art, which is also the version that was used in the Filmation style fanmade hommage "The Return of Faker" (sadly unreleased for viewing due to IP issues). I think this version adds more interest to the model and a welcome bit of contrast with Copy-Cat.

Faker, with his imitation Powersword

The model is another private commission done by a fan, that was available in limited quantities for a short while. The base is the usual blank lipped base with texture sculpted on and painted to match the rest of the Evil Warriors.

Some more "action" shots:

Rise, my puppet. I have created you in He-Man's image, therefore I shall name you "Faker", nyaaah!

I have created this pet for you, to aid you in your battle against that goody-two-shoes, He-Man.
"I have found you! Wait, you're not He-Man!" (in unison)
"At last, now we shall learn who is the stronger!" - "By the Goddess! What's this madness?"

Battlecat: "I hate to say this, He-Man, but we may be in some real trouble here..."
 He-Man and Faker, side by side:

And a shot of Faker and Copy-Cat for the family photo album:

For those not familiar with it, a look at the inspiring original cardback illustration and "The return of Faker. I did initially consider giving him blank white eyes, like the second image, but I wanted him to look more alive.

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