Thursday, 18 June 2020

Evil Warriors - Dragon Blaster Dragon

Dragon Blaster Skeletor was one of those figures that didn't appeal much to me as a kid, since it wasn't the original Skeletor figure, but later in life I came to appreciate it a lot more as a pretty cool toy. So I figured that if I didn't have a Dragon Blaster Skeletor in 30mm, I might be able to have the dragon itself with a little conversion work. The conversion work was mostly done more than a year ago, but somehow I never got around to ordering the chain I needed to finish it until about a week ago.

The Dragon Blaster Dragon, temporarily released from it's place on Skeletor's back
The base model is a neat little fantasy lizard figure made by the excellent Forge of Ice. Their lost worlds kind of range is very reminiscent of MotU in a lot of ways. I added the spikes on the top of its head, the collar with the keypad lock and the chain with a shackle on the other end for when Skeletor reclaims his pet. The base is a 20mm blank lipped base from Fenris Games, with added flagstone texture.

A better look at the added details, like the lock and chain.
I've released you from your bonds. Now, my pet, destroy the gate of Castle Grayskull with your hot flames!

You're too late to stop me He-Man! Your powers won't protect you from the searing hot flames of the Dragon Blaster!

For those not familiar with it, here's some awesome art by Axel Gimenez depicting the dragon!

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